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GlamorEye or the END of Eye Bags…

A few months back, I told you how my son commented on the “bruises” I had under my eyes and how it forced me to find a “cure”. I’m pretty happy with that eye cream I told you about at the time—Cryotin—and saw really good improvement on those dark circles

Cryotin – Does It Really Freeze Aging In Its Tracks?

A couple months ago, I was bathing my 6 year-old son after dinner when he said: “Mom, why do you have bruises under your eyes?” His concern was sweet but it freaked me out. I had no idea how I could have bruises on my face! So I stood up

Does Rejuvelix Actually Work as an Anti-aging Formula?

Anti-aging is one segment of the health and wellness industry that has seen noteworthy advances in recent years. However, finding the correct product has become extremely difficult because there are hundreds of companies that claim their product to be the best. It is needless to mention that many of these
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