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Is CRI Paternity the most Accurate? Find The Best Paternity Test Within Minutes

When you think of it, becoming a parent is natural, biologic. Some people encounter obstacles, but for most, an egg welcomes a spermatozoid and that’s the end of it. You’re a parent. More »

GlamorEye or the END of Eye Bags…

A few months back, I told you how my son commented on the “bruises” I had under my eyes and how it forced me to find a “cure”. I’m pretty happy with More »

No More Struggling With Your Weight Or Your Emotions!

I remember being a teenager and thinking I was fat when everybody else told me I wasn’t. Well, things started to change when I turned 30. Since then, it looked like I More »

How Much Do I Need To Exercise? Cause I HATE Working Out!

  Since you were a kid, the word “exercise” has always given you the chills… And I get that! What’s fun in running in circles, or worst, on a treadmill? Sweating? Feeling More »

Warning: What Foods To Avoid With An “Upset Stomach”

I never thought I had a medical condition until I watched Dr Contreras’ video (watch it here). That’s when I realized that these constant bloating, unstable weight or regular sugar cravings could end. I COULD take control of my digestion without a crazy diet. I just needed to be aware

Discovered: The Fastest Trick To Attack Eye Bags.

Renown Skin Specialist Shares All-Natural Solution To Aging Eyes. Some men do think about their wives all day, try to make their lives easier and show their appreciation and love. Alex Warner is one of these men, and believe me, his wife has it all! As the Director of Health

1 Weird Trick that Quickly Defeats Leaky Gut

Popular Doctor Discovered All-Natural Solution to Digestive Disorders According to patients at LaSalle Medical Associates in southern California, a new discovery has completely transformed their health and changed their lives for the better. Dr. Roberto Contreras is the Director at LaSalle and is also the Chief Scientific Officer at Cellular

Age Hacking: The Shocking Discovery For Smoother Looking Eyes?

So far 2017 has been off to an amazing start when it comes to advancements in skincare. But nothing caught my eye more than a presentation I saw regarding the human body and aging. So much so, I wanted to write a quick overview and share what I learned. The

CRAZY Things Celebrities Do To Look & Feel Younger!

Whether you’re in your 30s, 50s or 70s, like everybody else, you want to look good. Not good for your age. Good. A lot of things that can help you achieve this goal. Good and healthy dietary supplements, chemical-free anti-aging creams, yoga,… But celebrities go way beyond these solutions. Some
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