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Top 5 Anti-Aging Smoothies

Smoothies are making the world go gaga today, and they cannot blame the world for that. Aside from the fact that they make other foods like fruits extra special, they are instant refreshers and healthy diet foods. But this does not stop smoothies to go beyond what you expect them

Absorb Biotics: Is It Better Than Other Probiotics?

There are tons of foods and supplements on the market that claim they’ll put probiotic bacteria in your body to boost your health. Fermented foods like kimchee, Greek yogurt, and kefir are all swimming with live and active cultures, tiny ready-made homes for probiotics. Supplement companies also produce a staggering

Paragon Fish Oil Review: How To Find A Good Fish Oil

Fish oil, loaded with essential Omega 3 fatty acids, has been on the mind of the health-conscious public for years, and also on the shelves of groceries, pharmacies, and supplement shops around the country for years. But with a great market comes opportunists looking to cash in. You will find

Medical First- Man Sneezes Himself to Prostate Infection

Do you remember what your parents used to tell you about covering your mouth when you sneezed, and washing your hands afterward as a child? Well your mother was alright right of course, but about things she’d never imagine, and things you’d never want to imagine! With the advances of

Bee Venoms: Your Magical Remedy for Illnesses

Would you let a bee prick you on purpose? Definitely not. People try to keep their distance from bees to avoid their painful stings. But surprisingly, the venom which the bee injects in your body, has many medicinal and health benefits. Like the other bee products such as honey and
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