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GlamorEye or the END of Eye Bags…

A few months back, I told you how my son commented on the “bruises” I had under my eyes and how it forced me to find a “cure”.

I’m pretty happy with that eye cream I told you about at the time—Cryotin—and saw really good improvement on those dark circles and crow’s feet I hated. But… It didn’t do much on occasional eye bags, puffiness or whatever you call them.

(You can read that article here)


I discovered becoming a mom that long nights and late mornings wouldn’t be part of my life anymore. At least until my kids leave for college, several years from now—not sure I’m looking forward to it…

So, I got used to the lack of sleep, midnight water calls, nightmares… Now I’m just like my mom, falling asleep as soon as I sit in front of the TV doing nothing.

I used to make fun of her because of that, but now it’s my life… Way to turn things out, right?


Anyway, I was starting to think that some kinda help would be welcome. I’m not a huge fan of makeup and rarely use any, but, at the same time, looking tired doesn’t fit me.

Like for the eye cream, I did my research on line, took my time—I’d never put anything on my skin that could hurt me, my wallet or animals—and I realized I needed under-eye masks.


You see, I don’t have the time or the money to have a facial every single week… In-home or DIY treatments are more my style… And a great occasion to get some “me-time” pampering myself, as I started doing with Cryotin 🙂


I must be one of the luckiest persons alive, cause, while I was doing that research, I received an email from Jennifer Leigh, from the Skin Research Institute, saying they were launching a new product called GlamorEye. I already liked the name so I looked into it a bit more.


GlamorEye is an eye treatment mask, made with Medical-Grade Collagen—the same one used in hospitals on burns and wounds. Apparently, it improves healing speed and quality. I really liked that, yet I was a little worried that it was bovine collagen.

But, once I understood it was the safest to use and the closest one to our collagen, once I learnt that it was harvest in one of the only places in the world that wasn’t exposed to BSE—the mad cow disease—and once I realized that these cows were well-treated their whole life, I decided to try the masks.


The results shown by the research were incredible—like 15% less wrinkles and 60% better hydration after only 20 minutes! I figured GlamorEye soothing effect would do a lot to my “mom’s eyes” and I wasn’t risking money. If I didn’t like them, I could just send them back and get a full refund—I was planning on doing it anyway, cause I like free stuff!


So I ordered a box of GlamorEye with the discount code I had received in the email. 4 days later—yesterday—, I received a super pretty box. I was so excited to try them on my husband put the kids to bed and I run a bath—after all, if I take some quality time for myself, better do it well.

Once my bath was ready, I grabbed a glass on white wine and closed the bathroom door.

I opened GlamorEye box and saw these 4 little packages wrapped in super fancy paper. I felt luxurious already. I took one package out of the box and was pretty intrigued to see the liquid aside the masks. But I remembered the website so I just looked at the instructions on the back of the box.

First, I washed my face with warm water. Then I squished the liquid out so the masks were soaked, unwrapped them and slowly put them on.


As soon as I had them on my skin, a sensation of well-being run in my body. They felt so good, I’d have kept them on for hours… Then I realized I still had my clothes on! I was so excited to try those eye masks I forgot to actually get ready for my bath!

It wasn’t too big of a mistake anyway, cause they didn’t move an inch while I undressed and jumped in the bath. I just laid there, with my eyes closed, sometimes sipping some wine, enjoying the feeling. After a while, my husband knocked at the door to know if everything was ok. And I realized I had fallen asleep! I felt so relaxed I fell asleep in the bath!


I looked at the time, I had had the eye masks on my skin for over 30 minutes… I was a little worried it was too long but they still felt so good I figured it was ok.

Still, I quickly went out, put a robe on and gently removed GlamorEye.


Wow. My eyes looked good!

I looked rested, serene, and I felt exactly the same!

I didn’t touch anything and got out of the bathroom just like that.

When my husband saw me, well, let’s just say he appreciated what he saw! 😉


Anyway, I told you earlier that my plan was to try them on and send them back so they’d be free… Well, I changed my mind. I loved GlamorEye so much I decided to order more!

I’ll wait until I use the last one, then I’ll order 3 boxes together. That way I’ll save money and look good at the same time!


I might not use them every week as recommended, but maybe only every other week. We’ll see. But I’m really happy I received that email and decided to try them on!


If you wanna try GlamorEye too, here’s the website: glamoreye.com.

You’ll find a lot more information on how they were developed, the science, the guarantee, …

All I can tell you if GlamorEye is really worth the try.



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