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No More Struggling With Your Weight Or Your Emotions!

I remember being a teenager and thinking I was fat when everybody else told me I wasn’t. Well, things started to change when I turned 30. Since then, it looked like I kept putting on weight no matter what.

I tried everything: early morning bootcamp, strict diets, no more alcohol, …

Oh yeah, I did lose a few pounds. But never for long… And I was STARVING and getting INCREASINGLY DEPRESSED!

So I’d get back to a more normal routine, trying to stay under 1700 calories per day, moving my body like they say we should—much more difficult than it sounds…


But, no matter what I did, I was stuck 35 lbs heavier than before baby #2—she’s now 8! I couldn’t stand my image in the mirror anymore!!! Every time I got a glimpse of my figure in a window, I wanted to hide. I couldn’t recognize this person. It couldn’t be me. I used to feel pretty…




So I did my research and discovered I was the perfect incarnation of thyroid disorders.

Don’t run away screaming. I didn’t know what the thyroid was either, at that time.

No problem. Let’s get a crash course.

Your thyroid gland is found just below your voice box, wrapped around your windpipe. It affects your metabolism by releasing hormones that increase your energy and balance your body temperature. For example, they warm you up when it’s cold outside, or if you jump in cold water.

In return, your metabolism affects your heartbeat and how well you burn calories—back to your energy level. It is responsible for fast weight loss or weight gain, and WEIGHT STRUGGLES!


Metabolism, please, be my friend…


There’s different reasons for your thyroid gland not to function optimally. Unfortunately, blood tests or regular exams won’t always give you an answer, even if you know deep down, that something isn’t right!



I saw doctor after doctor. They had me get x-rays, blood tests… I even started therapy for depression—as if it could help me lose weight…—but NOTHING CHANGED.


Because nobody could help me, or even diagnose me, I took the matter in my own hands. Once I understood my struggles with my weight and emotions could be due to a thyroid hormone unbalance—lucky me, I didn’t have any problem with my hair—I looked on line for the best remedy.

And I found a few things that could help re-balance my thyroid.


This herb is described as “Indian ginseng” in Ayurvedic, Indian, and Unani medicine, because it can lift your mood ASAP, if not more 😉

But, better than that, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities can calm your nerves, improve your sleep, reduce your hair loss, and boost your immunity! It can even work with your body to balance your thyroid hormones whether they’re too high or too low.


Schisandra works kinda the same as Ashwagandha. It is also used for preventing early aging, or normalizing your blood sugar and blood pressure.


Both herbs used together can improve your thyroid functions and metabolism.

It should have helped me lose weight, right?


I bought Ashwagandha and Schisandra supplements but still nothing dramatic. After a few weeks, even if I felt better and more hopeful, I still hadn’t lost anything.


So, I figured I had missed something.

I went back to my research and realized that these 2 herbs, no matter how great they are, couldn’t do magic on their own. They had to be combined with spices and minerals. The ones I found to be the most helpful—at least on paper—where Iodine, Selenium, Cayenne Pepper, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper and Vitamin B12.

It was quite a list, and I felt hopeless when I realized the amount of pills I’d have to take every single day…


That’s why I decided to focus on 4 of them, the ones I felt would help me the most.

I kept taking my Ashwagandha and Schisandra supplements, and I added Magnesium and Vitamin B12. After a few weeks, I started losing weight. Slowly but surely.

It was a sign I had found the root of my issues.

Then, one day, out of nowhere, an add popped out on my internet browser.

It was for ThyNatural.

Out of curiosity, I checked it out.


The website (thynatural.com) answered all the questions I had about thyroid unbalance. And I was surprised to see that the supplement contained all of the ingredients I found to be essential for thyroid health!

I digged deeper.


The company—CRI Naturals—was renowned for its ethic and customer service. They had an excellent reputation and a crazy satisfaction guarantee—don’t take my words, check them out…




I decided to order ThyNatural and see if it could help me. If I could go from 4 pills a day to 2, and get all the ingredients I needed at the same time, it was a WIN-WIN.


I received my order within a few days, and started right away.

Of course, because I stopped all the other supplements, I had a few bad days… But, after a week, I started to feel more energized, like I wasn’t tired after lunch anymore. I also noticed that I was more patient with my kids—and you sure know how tough teenagers can be!

I purposely didn’t step up on my scale for a full 4 weeks, because they said to give it time, but I felt like my clothes were a better fit. And, when I finally weighted myself, after 4 full weeks of ThyNatural, I had lost 5 lbs! It might not seem crazy to you, but it was a victory to me!

I had been struggling with my weight for so long, feeling that I had no other choice but to starve myself to lose just a couple pounds…

I screamed with joy on that scale! I couldn’t help it. My husband rushed in our bedroom, alarmed. I was in my undies, in full light, and, for the first time in years, I didn’t try to hide. He looked at me and smiled, then he hugged me and gave me a kiss. Who knows what would have happened if he didn’t have to go to work that morning….


Anyway, I had to share my experience with you. Because you might feel alone and hopeless now, but, believe me, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Others are going through the same struggles as you do, and if someone like me can slowly get her figure back, SO CAN YOU!






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