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1 Weird Trick that Quickly Defeats Leaky Gut

Popular Doctor Discovered All-Natural Solution to Digestive Disorders

According to patients at LaSalle Medical Associates in southern California, a new discovery has completely transformed their health and changed their lives for the better.

Dr. Roberto Contreras is the Director at LaSalle and is also the Chief Scientific Officer at Cellular Research Institute and the founder of Electric Rose Toys, a company that specializes in toys for special needs children. His latest medical breakthrough is already being heralded by some leading experts as being one of the most significant accomplishments of modern medicine.

I was lucky enough to be the first stop in a series of interviews for Dr. Contreras. He revealed to me his weird, simple, and effective solution to all of the many digestive symptoms that NYU’s Langone Medical Center estimates 74% of Americans suffer from: bloating, gas, indigestion, stubborn weight gain, chronic fatigue, and even depression.

According to Dr. Contreras, these symptoms are minor compared to full-fledged digestive disorders like Irritable Bowl Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Leaky Gut Syndrome, but all of them are linked to a common source: Dysbiosis.

“Dysbiosis is a serious cellular disorder that disrupts the digestive system and it affects everybody in different ways,” he told me over coffee.

He compared it to how 2 people can get the same cold and 1 person will get a runny nose, while the other might get a sore throat.

“It’s the same with Dysbiosis. Some people will just feel bloated after every meal, some deal with chronic fatigue and depression, while others get full-blown Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but the source is all the same.”

The search for an effective solution was inspired by a patient who suffered from the worst chronic digestive issues Dr. Contreras had ever seen, so bad that the patient seriously considered ending his life if Dr. Contreras couldn’t find a solution.

“Imagine what it feels like to have a really bad case of the flu,” he said. “That’s what daily life was like for this guy—he was exhausted all the time, couldn’t eat anything without feeling miserable. Every day was a struggle for him.”

So what’s this big breakthrough that Dr. Contreras discovered for him?

“It’s a crazy story, really,” he told me. “I knew that inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract was the biggest culprit behind his suffering. I needed to find a way to end the inflammation, repair the damage, and restore his system to full health.”

Finding a way to quickly accomplish all of this in a solution that’s affordable and has no side effects would seem like an impossible task for most doctors, but Dr. Contreras was determined.

“The key to what I call my ‘Health Transformation Solution’ is actually an ancient Greek secret that I discovered in a freak accident where I literally almost died, but I found an easy way to do all those things: relieve the inflammation in the gut, repair the damage, and restore my patient’s health to a point where he’s 52, but feels 25 again. I’m not even exaggerating.”

Dr. Contreras used a radical approach to curing his patient’s illness that most doctors would have thought was either too risky or not worth their time, but the approach has paid off.

The science behind his breakthrough formula is brand new and has been met with both fascination and enthusiasm by the medical community. Dr. Contreras has released a comprehensive video presentation that fully explains exactly what his “Health Transformation Solution” is and answers all questions about it. He hopes to spread the word so that 74% of Americans can get the relief from Dysbiosis that they need.

74% of Americans duffrer from digestive issues

His brief presentation has already “gone viral,” as thousands of Americans watch it every day, all searching for relief from their digestive symptoms.

One viewer commented: “I have been waiting for years for a doctor to finally get me relief from constant bloating and discomfort. I’ve never heard anything like his weird trick before and I’m shocked by how simple it is. You would think for something so old that doctors would already know about it! I’ve lived in New York my entire life, but if this ‘Health Transformation Solution’ really works, I might move to Los Angeles just so that Dr. Contreras can be my doctor—a doctor who actually cares and knows what he’s doing!”

Naturally, there are some skeptics, even amongst Dr. Contreras’ peers. Renowned researcher out of Harvard, Alex Mayfield, the Head of Product Development at Cellular Research Institute commented: “I’ve been working with Dr. Contreras for years advancing science in all-natural medicine and even I thought the story he brought home from Greece was just crazy. But, the science checks out so far and his solution is producing results, so I’m optimistic that he has truly stumbled on something great that has the potential to improve a lot of people’s lives.”

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