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Age Hacking: The Shocking Discovery For Smoother Looking Eyes?

So far 2017 has been off to an amazing start when it comes to advancements in skincare. But nothing caught my eye more than a presentation I saw regarding the human body and aging. So much so, I wanted to write a quick overview and share what I learned.

The man behind this discovery is none other than Alex Warner, a Harvard graduate with a Doctorate in Cellular Biology. Alex is currently the Director of Health and Sciences from the Skin Research Institute. If you haven’t already heard his name, you will soon enough. Alex is not only brilliant when it comes to skincare, he’s disruptive. In fact, many are calling him the Steve Jobs of skin care for his views on how to tackle and age related skin care problems without using invasive surgeries or injections. When asked how the medical community feels about his work, Alex had this to say:

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists probably hate me right now, and rightfully so. They definitely don’t want you knowing that there are natural approaches out there, that are actually just as effective as the treatments they’re providing.”

Like many, Alex took notice to the Botox epidemic that was leaving many people practically addicted to the “quick fix” solution. The problem, he noted, is that Botox is a temporary solution that eventually does the body more harm than good. And over time, the rising costs to maintain tighter, smoother skin begins to outweigh the diminishing benefits. Well, Alex decided to do something about it. And thanks to him, we now have another, far more natural alternative, for younger looking skin.

According to his research, the biggest indicator of age is the area around the eyes. Which actually makes a lot of sense when you think about how humans interact with one another.

“We are taught at a very early age to make eye contact when we speak to each other. It’s only fitting that this area might gain attention for the right or wrong reasons… like baggy or puffy eyes, crows feet, dark circles, etc.”

When he said that, I Instantly thought back to an article I read claiming 70% of men notice a woman’s eyes before anything else. Was this why I was single? The thought alone terrified me!

But to reinforce this idea, he conducted his own survey, gathering over 6,500 participants and showing them two pictures of the same person. One with noticeable dark circles and wrinkles, and one without. Nearly everyone agreed that the picture with the markings around the eyes was the older looking one.

Twenty-four months later, Alex practically blew everyone’s socks off at an annual health and beauty conference, when he unveiled his natural method for treating the area around the eyes. He called his approach “Age Hacking” and I must say, after seeing him present, it is the perfect way to describe it. His findings gained so much attention, he agreed to create a video presentation so that the public could see.

And with well over a million views so far, I’d say people are finding his idea fascinating to say the least.

Watch their shocking presentation for yourself:

I’m sure you’ll agree, this video contains absolutely incredible findings. One viewer commented:

I have never watched something so shocking that also made so much sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if this method replaces Botox altogether.

You see with “Age- Hacking” Alex figured out a way for people to literally break into their own bodies, and override the natural aging process. And I must say, the science behind it makes a lot of sense. The best part is, it’s pretty simple to do, and you don’t need a doctor to do it for you. You can do this from your own home. Age Hacking is quickly gaining popularity among celebrities, tired of the “frozen look” they get from Botox.

But not everyone shares the same enthusiasm. Alex Warner’s rather unconventional approach has been met with some backlash, especially from certain surgical boards, claiming more research is needed before anyone should start implementing this approach in their skin care regiment.

Time will tell if the world has found a new skin care Darling,” said Raul Chavez, a Spanish beautician who attended the expo. “But based off what I just witnessed, I’m hopeful that this is the real deal—Because Botox can truly be a nasty, nasty drug.”

Susan Jacobs is a professional beauty blogger and journalist for all things health and skin related. She works out of Fresno, California. She is a mother of 3 children, Sarah, Danny, and Jason.

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