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You Have BPH, So What?

You have felt that recognizable pressure for quite some time. You got used to waking up every night for frequent trips to the bathroom without ever emptying your bladder completely. Finally, the pain, tiredness and bruised ego pushed you to see a doctor.

The results were alarming: your PSA levels were high. Too high.

You have Benign Prostatic HyperplasiaBPH for short.

You are not alone!

Recently, Times published a whole article about the fact that President Donald Trump uses a prostate-related drug, keeping his PSA levels really low. [1]

Former President Ronald Reagan and French President François Hollande were also treated for BPH. They both rode out of the disease stronger and more confident, leading their country and their people long after their diagnosis.

BPH Touches More Men That You Might Think.

In fact, the histologic prevalence of BPH is approximately 10% for men in their 30s and 20% for men in their 40s. It reaches 50% to 60% for men in their 60s, and it goes up to 80% to 90% for men in their 70s and 80s. “No doubt, when living long enough, most men will develop some histologic features consistent with BPH.” [2]

So What Could You Do?

Once your doctor has diagnosed your BPH, you have several treatment options:

  • You could use flexible cylinders like Thomas Jefferson [3] —although it was in 1825 and I doubt you’d find anyone ready to use that kind of treatment nowadays J
  • You could have part of your prostate surgically removed, like Resident Ronald Reagan in 1987 [4] and French President François Hollande in 2011. [5]
  • You could use prescribed drugs to lower your PSA levels, like President Donald Trump earlier this year. [1]
  • Or you could find an All-Natural Herbal Supplement like Prostaleaf . These supplements will help you heal without side effects

At the end of the day, it is a discussion you need to have with your doctor. Together, you will figure out your best option and how to treat your condition. However, if you have the choice, I would always recommend an All-Natural Supplement [6] coupled with a healthy lifestyle.


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