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What If You Could Know Exactly Where You Come From…

Humanity is changing. People move around, travel, mixing their heritage…

It’s always been that way but, now more than ever, we need to know where we come from. We want to know our origins. And we can!

Websites about genetics and genealogy emerge almost every single day.  DNA testing is not reserved to alimony or criminal prosecution anymore. It’s for everybody. You and me.

But where to look? There are so many offers, how can you know which company will do the research? Who’s a scam? Who you can trust?

Personally, I would look at the company’s reputation first. A company built on solid scientific research will take pride in giving you the most accurate evaluation of your ancestry, the most details they can, with the least extrapolation.

And you’re in luck because Cellular Research Institute now has a Genetics department and they offer CRI Genetics!

What is CRI Genetics?

CRI Genetics is at the edge of DNA testing services. It will give you extensive information on your genetic background and heritage.

Thanks to its patented analyzation software, CRI Genetics will answer questions like:

“Where do I come from?”

“Why are my eyes blue when everybody else in my family has brown eyes?”

“Why can’t I tan?”

The methods used in the CRI Genetics test were scientifically and statistically established. They are based on testing thousands of samples from populations around the world for DNA markers that can provide clues about your ancestral history, or Ancestry. CRI Genetics will give you an estimation of your ancestral proportions based on the evolutionary and geographical history of the human race.

Key Benefits

As you may know, DNA is the genetic material found in all living things. Each cell in your body contains a full copy of your genetic material.

Ancestry DNA testing refers to three types of DNA in your cells: the Y chromosome, used in direct paternal lineage testing (only men have this chromosome), the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), used in direct maternal lineage testing, and the autosomes—non-sex chromosomes that make up the complement of your genome. Testing these specific areas of your DNA allows the geneticists to determine which of the founding populations have contributed to your genetic makeup: European, Indigenous American, Sub-Saharan African or East Asian, and in which quantities.

CRI Genetics Ancestry Report scans 176 markers in your autosomes—the most representative ones, called ancestry informative markers (AIMs)—, to determine your ancestral makeup.

CRI Genetics Detailed & Complete You examines over 300,000 locations on your genome passed-on genes—CRI Genetics Complete You tracks your paternal line, therefore is only accessible to men.


Ancestry percentages obtained with CRI Genetics report genetic affiliations, not necessarily recent genealogical histories. They are anthropology-driven AND genealogy-driven: a 10% East Asian result for a European person, could have a very simple, genealogical interpretation (i.e. your recent ancestors were Chinese) or a more complex, anthropological explanation (i.e. you are from an ethnic group with a historical connection to East Asians).

As a result, this test voids the concept of race, as people from different ethnicities in appearance might share Ancestry.


  • A few days after your order, you will receive a DNA testing kit. After lightly scrubbing the inside of your cheek, you will send your sample back and wait for your results. It’s an easy, fast and painless process.
  • You, and you only, will have access to a portal with a table report listing your ancestral percentages of the four founder groups and a bar graph showing the confidence intervals for your percentage ratios.
  • You will receive a manual to help you understand your results and their signification. That manual describes some DNA basics and information on human evolution and history. It also provides some resources, to do more research on your own if you wanted to.
  • CRI Genetics takes pride of the safety of their process: your DNA sample and results are stored with your bar code only, without any personal information, so you only can access them.
  • Women can test their father’s lineage by having a male sibling or relative tested too, as long as they share their paternal grand-father. Testing siblings is a great way to know more about your family’s ancestry because, even though they share both parents, real siblings can have different ancestral proportions (due to receiving different sets of chromosomes).

Final Say

I took the test myself and, though I thought I knew most of my lineage, I was surprised to see how deep CRI Genetics could dig. I actually discovered that I was 3% East Asian on my father’s side! (I had my brother tested to know more about our common ancestry.) That could explain the shape of my eyes and why I am so interested in Eastern Therapies…

Anyway, after I took the test, I looked online for users reviews and I could identify two trends. Some of the users purchased CRI Genetics by curiosity while others needed specific answers. Both groups commented on how much knowing their ancestry helped them grow or even find lost family members. I also received some happy comments about sharing roots with someof our most famous celebrities…

No matter where you stand and what you believe in, knowing where you come from, knowing where your ancestors lived thousands years ago can help you understand yourself, your dreams and your choices. And decide whether or not you want to pursue them.

That’s the beauty of modern DNA testing services like CRI Genetics.

You can learn more about CRI Genetics on http://crigenetics.com/

4 Responses to What If You Could Know Exactly Where You Come From…

  1. Mateo Alegre says:

    My brother and I don’t look much alike and we wanted to understand why.
    Our results from CRI Natural were crazy! We have the same countries of origin but in completely different proportions! I’m mostly Italian, he’s mostly Finnish, but both our parents were born in Spain!

  2. Neal Ricuppero says:

    I share ancestors with Zinedine Zidane! Pretty neat!

  3. Arabella Medlyn says:

    After I read this article, I decided to give CRI Genetics a try. And I’m so glad I did!
    I never realized how much I could learn. I had always been curious about my origins. I can finally answer people when they me where I’m from: I am 19% African Caribbean, 64% British, 8% Indian, some Irish and other European, and even 3% Japanese! I new I was mixed race, never thought it was that much!

  4. Jane Pinet says:

    I was adopted in Sierra Leone when I was 5. I don’t remember much about that time or my biological parents. CRI Genetics gave me the opportunity to discover where I come from, so I can one day tell my children about their origins. The amazing part was that I only am 6% from Sierra Leone! I actually have 73% Nigerian blood and 18% Gambian blood. I guess my family moved a lot… It opened new horizons for me. Now, I want to visit the country to see where I come from.

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