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Cryotin – Does It Really Freeze Aging In Its Tracks?

A couple months ago, I was bathing my 6 year-old son after dinner when he said: “Mom, why do you have bruises under your eyes?” His concern was sweet but it freaked me out. I had no idea how I could have bruises on my face! So I stood up to look in the mirror and noticed a blue-ish area under my eyes and around my nose. I had never seen those before but I understood why my son called them bruises. Even if the lighting of the bathroom was really bad, I had to admit that my days without concealer were behind me.

I realize how lucky I am, though. I’m about to turn 37 and most my friends started having dark circles in their late twenties. But still, I was devastated. I had dark eye circles.

So I went online to look for a solution that didn’t involve a ton of make-up or expensive surgery –I don’t think I can ever handle cosmetic surgery. No way I’d let anyone cut my skin if it’s not an emergency!

I found a lot of things online. I even saw recipes for homemade masks with raw potato or almond oil. I do believe that nature gives us everything we need, but a raw potato mask to fight dark circles? Really?

Anyway, my mom raves about Skin Research Institute. She’s been using their product for years and loves them. So I decided it was time for me to have a look at them. And I discover Cryotin. They call it a “Full Spectrum Eye Cream” and claim it can freeze aging in its tracks. Exactly what I was looking for!

I cringed a little when I saw the price, though. As the mom of 4, I never spend $69.95 on myself. But if I even saw half the results they promise, it would be worth it. And I had 60 days to try it. I could send it back for a full refund… So I read everything I could find on the product.

You can find more details –including the full formula– here: http://cryotinmd.com/formula.html. But, to summarize, Cryotin is supposed to protect and repair your skin, while hydrating the lower layers of your derma –a more scientific word for skin… They also say that their ingredients, specifically the Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract (PFE) –Antarcticine–, will increase your collagen production and elastin formation so your skin gets tighter, which will give you a younger looking face.

From what I understood, the dark circles are part of the normal aging process: your face loses fat and your muscles get saggy making you look bonier and creating shades, specifically under your eyes. That’s how you start looking like a panda! Couldn’t I lose fat somewhere else instead, like on my butt, for example? I would love getting older if it meant getting thinner naturally, effortlessly…

Yeah, well… I also read that “dark circles are not a serious skin problem, they just make you look tired, exhausted, unhealthy and older”. I don’t want to look older. I’m not ready for that!

My apologies, I got sidetracked. Let’s get back to Cryotin.

I kept reading about SRI –that’s the short for Skin Research Institute—, their ingredients and policies. I was truly impressed. They do a lot of research, a lot of testing and they use only the “good stuff”. No harsh chemicals whatsoever. And they never test anything on animals. I don’t know you but I’d never go for anything that touches an animal. I love them too much for that!

Sorry, I lost track again. So I decided to try Cryotin and it was the best decision ever –after my kids of course 😉

I knew I needed two daily applications for at least 4 weeks before I could see any results so I tried to rein my expectations in. I tried to be patient, which I’m usually not. But it was oh so worth it! At the end of my second week, I could already see a difference.

I asked my son about my “bruises”. His answer made me really happy: “What bruises, Mommy?” Maybe he just didn’t remember. Why would he? But I did remember and I had pictures to show me how I looked before I started using Cryotin. I took another picture and was amazed by the comparison. I did look much better!

Like rested and younger. After only two weeks!

I’ve been taking pictures every other week since and the changes are incredible. It does look like time has frozen. It even looks like I’m getting younger day by day.

There’s still some down sides, though.

The first few times I used Cryotin, I had a tingly sensation that was gone within a couple seconds. I don’t have that anymore. I read it just means my pores and cells were in deep need of hydration.

The other one is that I should have ordered several bottles ahead of time. First, I would have had free shipping, but I also ordered my second bottle too late. My first one was almost finished and I thought I would receive the next one within a couple days, like the first time. Unfortunately, Cryotin was out of stock and I had to wait 3 weeks before I’d receive my new order. So I changed my order for 3 bottles instead and will order the next round when I start my last bottle.

Anyway, I didn’t think I could have such a quick and awesome improvement. I feel much better in my own skin now, much prettier. But the fun part is that I had no idea why I wasn’t confident before. I just couldn’t point it out until my son said it out loud…


And you won’t believe what he said yesterday when I picked him up after school.

He said: “Mom, I love when you pick me up at the same time as my friends.”

Me: “Thank you, Baby. But why?”

Him: “Because you’re more pretty than the other moms, that’s why!”



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