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7 Reasons You’ll Love Menopause

That’s it. Your ObGyn confirmed it.

It’s menopause!

As soon as you heard that word, you started feeling old and useless, like if your life meaning had suddenly been taken away from you…

But I’m curious… Did you really want to get pregnant in the future? Were you looking forward to never ending night feedings, perpetual tiredness and constant diaper changes?

You know better than that. Menopause is not a sentence, it’s a blessing! The start of your new life. The life of freedom and satisfaction you’ve always desired.


Right now, you want to argue that hot flashes, mood swings or other symptoms you might experience are everything but freedom and satisfaction. And of course, you are right.

But there’s more to menopause that potential symptoms –symptoms which are, by the way, different for any woman. It’s even possible you won’t experience any…

No need to be scared or sad by this new chapter in your life. Because this is the chapter you can write any way you want. For the first time, you can be anything you decide without outer interactions.


How can I be so assertive? Because I was scared, too. When my doctor told me I was in menopause, I took a sick leave from work and cried for days. In my bedroom. In the dark. Alone. Nothing could make me feel better. Not even my husband bringing me breakfast in bed –he had never done that before! Until my mother came in and kicked me where it hurts. She said: “You are in menopause, not dead. It’s not the end of the world!”

Then we had the most openhearted conversation we’ve ever had.

After sharing with her like never before, I started seeking reasons why I would love menopause. Reasons you will love it too.

Are you ready? Here. We. Go…


1) You now have an excuse to scream and do crazy things. And you don’t even need to apologize for your behavior. Just say the word “Menopause” and everybody will let you be!

2) Find out who you really are, what matters to you and only you. Own your skin, be selfish and do things for yourself. Things you’ve always wanted to do. It’s about time!

3) Decide who you want to see or not. Become a social butterfly or a hermit. It is your choice. If visiting your in-laws or going to your husband’s office party is too much for you, ditch it and blame it on the menopause!

4) Done with the cramping, nausea or fainting that comes regularly every single month. No need to carry tampons or pads in your purse anymore. You can finally wear white pants anytime you want with no restrictions. You are done with your periods! You are free!

5) Find the right menopause supplement for you They can help you become more sensual and get the best sex of your life. And, because you don’t need to worry about birth control, you can just enjoy yourself without worries!

6) Stop holding back and get the party started! It is time for you to take risks, be adventurous and enjoy that rush of energy and self-confidence that suddenly runs inside your veins.

7) Your kids are older and independent, it is time for you to take care of your body and your soul. Get that massage that was long overdue, take a “Me Vacation” alone or with your girlfriends, go to Happy Hour (your husband can fix dinner for once)… Pamper yourself!


You could object that our society is obsessed with youth, that being young and beautiful opens more doors. That you just don’t have the energy right now and won’t have it again. That you don’t feel like having sex. That there’s nothing else to do with your life. Because you are so old…


How old are the women you admire? Are they older than you?

If you’re anything like me, you might admire Ellen DeGeneres (she’s 59), Diane Keaton (71) or Jane Fonda (79). They’re gorgeous, accomplished and far from being “Has-Been”. And I can assure you they are way past menopause!


Need more examples? Easy. Forbes ranked the “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” in 2016 and only 4 were under 45 (the younger was 41)!

That means that 96% of the most powerful women in the world are most certainly in menopause! http://www.forbes.com/power-women/list/#tab:overall


Life doesn’t stop when your periods do. It’s just a new beginning that could bring you more joy and accomplishment than ever!

So, whenever you feel irritable, fatigued, anxious or anything else, just grab a good book, a glass of wine and be selfish. Have a daily date with yourself…

Do whatever makes you feel better and tune out the world. Even if it means that dinner won’t be on the table by 7 pm sharp, or that your kids won’t do their homework in time… Let your husband take care of that for a while.

Menopause is your time to pay attention to your needs without remorse.


You deserved it.


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