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Review of Paragon Turmeric

After years of using turmeric to treat inflammation caused by a skin disorder, I’ve learned this the hard way: Turmeric supplements that don’t contain BioPerine are a waste of precious time and money. You can spend tons of cash on supplements that bring minimal results, while your medical problem only grows worse.

Studies show that turmeric is much more effective when taken with BioPerine, which is an active ingredient extracted from black pepper plants. This combination increases how much curcumine (turmeric’s miracle chemical) your body will absorb, which is essential to you actually seeing health benefits.

One of the better options out there is Paragon Turmeric. They add BioPerine to maximize your body’s ability to get relief from inflammation and other ailments that turmeric treats. In fact, a study I read by St. John’s Medical College found that absorption of curcumine into the bloodstream was increased 20­-fold when taken with BioPerine. You can see why taking BioPerine is so essential to actually reaping the health benefits of turmeric.

While I’ve used other great supplements that contain BioPerine, it should be noted that with Paragon Turmeric, you get a larger 1500mg per serving. While high doses can bother some people, I’ve never had a problem with it­–in fact I need it­­–and 1500 mg just makes it faster and easier for me to take the higher dosage I want. They also guarantee each dose is potent, with 95% curcumine, and are 100% non-GMO and gluten­ free.

The worst part about trying out less effective supplements was that many of them didn’t offer refunds. Paragon Turmeric offers a 90 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you. This supplement comes recommended as one of the better options on the market. If it doesn’t have BioPerine, don’t buy it!


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