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Sleeping Disorders That Make You Look Old

Typically, sleeping disorders or perhaps lack of sleep is a complaint among the elders. But little many people know that even young people, due to accelerated aging, are also affected by troubled sleeping. Now, that you know about these things, let’s go ahead and point out known sleeping disorders that might be affecting how you are aging.

Sleeping Disorders That Makes You Old & Ways to Battle Them

Sleep Apnea, Snoring and SBDR or Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder is sometimes called as Sleep-Disordered Breathing, according to the experts. It is an umbrella term that covers a range of problems that are related to how a person breathes while he or she sleeps. Based on studies conducted by the experts, this condition gets even worse when people age. In addition, it is more usual in men than on women, as well as on those with excessive weight.

In a study conducted in over 800 adults age 68, around 53 percent showed signs of having SBDR while around 37 percent qualified to having substantial sleep apnea. But what is more surprising amongst the participants is that many didn’t complain of sleepiness at all.

This condition is also known as the Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep or PLMS will not be transferred easily. However, it is more common than any other sleeping condition known to anyone. This type of sleeping condition is affected by aging normally causes sudden movements during sleep that usually occurs in your lower body, particularly in your limbs.

In the 2012 guideline released by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, they have concluded that there is no actual treatment for it and that undergoing pharmacological treatment might not help in most cases. However, some experts suggest that regular exercise may help solve the problem.

The most common reason why this occurs is heart and lung conditions. To battle the aging-related condition that even young people suffer from, you should eat healthier food and have a massive improvement your lifestyle. One thing that might help in improving sleep is getting enough of exercise or performing yoga poses that can improve blood circulation, too.

Insomnia may be the most common sleeping disorder related not just to aging, but also even for younger people, which is why it is called the parent of most sleeping problems. No wonder, the condition affects people from all ages. To change your fate, you should start improving your sleeping habits. Avoid staying late up at night, worrying too much or eating too much before sleeping. To help you monitor your progress, you can also make use of a sleep journal to log your sleeps and track changes.

Anti-aging tips for better sleep

Try breathing exercises. It will help improve blood circulation in your body, not only helping you sleep well, but also in terms of improving your overall health. Avoid stress or keep it down. Certain things to do are to avoid worrying too much, listening to music, doing a useful hobby or simply taking a walk for fresh air.

There you have some sleeping disorders that speed up aging and certain things you can do to improve sleep to stay younger, longer by sleeping well. If any sleeping disorder persists, consult your doctor about it to prevent it from getting worse.

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