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Does Slimming Leaf Detox Tea Actually Work? Or Another Scam?

I started using SlimmingLeaf about three months ago. I’ve tried a lot of other “slimming” products: teas, supplements, diets, etc . . . I hate to say it, but I’ve become very, very skeptical of anything that says “slimming” or “weight loss” in it. So when I ordered Slimming Leaf Tea, I was not expecting much. I grew up in a household dedicated to working out, taking weekends for hiking and improving fitness. When I was younger, my parents would go to classes after work, which was all well and good back in the 80s, but come on, who has time to do that in this day and age?

My weekends are dedicated to fun and partying! This is the 21st century, I don’t want to have to spend all of my time working on my body to feel better. That is why I keep trying these “weight loss” products even though I’m skeptical—I just keep hoping that one of them will finally work! There are so many “weight loss” options out there . . . I know at some point I’ll find one that’s worth every penny, one that will free up time by giving me more energy for my day.

When I first got the teas, I was worried they would smell and taste gross but was pleasantly surprised. There is definitely a kick in the morning. I gear up and get ready to go out for my day way faster without being manic. It sounds weird, but it almost makes me more excited. That could be from the other HUGE improvement I have noted in the last few months: Weight loss.

I was never fat but my best friend, “Fat Laura,” was definitely overweight. I’m not taking plump, I’m talking borderline obese. We both started using the tea at the same time and right now, you would think us sisters. Where I dropped pounds from my problem areas (arms, lower abs, thighs), Fat Laura got shredded all over. Our friends have started calling her “New Laura.”

The most notable difference is in her face. Where she was squishy, she looks like someone has chiseled her face from marble. Even her nose is slimmer! Luckily, she doesn’t look like the meth heads that live in Los Angeles. She has all this new energy and color to go with it. Of course, there are other less obvious improvements too.

No one that is way over weight is truly happy, so seeing New Laura blossom is my biggest thank you to SlimmingLeaf. She feels confident enough to do all of the things she would never do with me before: shopping, going to bars, cycling around Santa Monica. I mean, we even feel confident enough to go to the gym. The only way is up for both of us! I’m even sleeping way better than I ever have before.

My work is stressful and certainly never lets up, so being able to NOT think about my figure and energy levels and whether I’ll relax enough to sleep tonight is just incredible. Overall, I would recommend SlimmingLeaf because it works. They are an ethical company, and my life is significantly easier with it.

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