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3 Dreaded Skin Issues That Simple Solutions Can Fix

A sagging skin here and an eye bag there. You’re only in your 20s, buy hey the signs of aging are already here? Signs of aging including fine lines, sunspots and wrinkles are telltale signs of aging. For some people, however, they appear earlier than they supposed to in some. If you were suffering from the early signs of aging, then check out this post highlighting some ways on how you can reverse and slow down the aging process on your face.

Fine lines

Who loves seeing makeup setting into fine lines? Well, this is a major no-no for women, and these fine lines simply ruin your face. If you cannot get rid of them with moisturizer, then you can try changing your makeup. If you don’t know yet, your skin gets dry faster as you age, and using the wrong makeup on your face can dry your skin faster than you think it could. Also, avoid using powders because they can dehydrate skin due to absorbing moisture and oil. You may also want to make use of a tinted moisturizer or foundation. You can also use line-filling primer before applying makeup for smooth application.

Now to prevent fine lines, you can use glycolic acid peel that can soften fine line. You should use it regularly for a few days in order to slough away patchy and dull skin surface and to make fine lines less visible. On the market, you can try buying serum collagen primer, too.


You might not notice it but these spots might already be on your face. Damaged skin due to the sun may be already reaching your skin’s surface, leading to hyper pigmentation or freckles. Sometimes, only an expert can see these problems on your skin. To reverse sunspots, hyperpigmentation and freckles on your face, consider using a product with retinol on your face to speed up the cell turnover on your face, allowing your skin to rebound quickly. A retinol product can help in reducing the appearance of sunspots, as well as minimize pore size. It can also effectively reduce blemishes.

But aside from it, you should also consider using a stronger sunscreen protection product, which can prevent both the UVB and UVA from the sun’s rays, helping you prevent further damage on the skin. According to the experts, sunscreens are some of the best skincare products you should buy for your skin.

Wrinkled elbows and knees

If you have flaky and dry skin, then you may notice wrinkles on your knees and elbows. To fight it, you can make use of a moisturizer which contains urea or ammonium lactate. These ingredients can penetrate deep into skin barriers. You can apply tinted body moisturizer on your legs and then start exfoliating your knees and elbows with a brush or cream. If you have the money to spend, you can ask your doctor about knee lift. Alternatively, you can also join yoga classes that can help in strengthening the quadriceps as well as in strengthening your knee joints. Certain yoga poses can also tighten surrounding muscle and skin. Otherwise, you can also ask your doctor about skin tightening procedures.

There you have the three common signs of aging and ways in which they can be prevented so that you can start looking young and feeling good about a young-looking facial skin.

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