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Bad Habits That Make You Age You Faster

There are individuals that age faster than others do, and if you’re in the same boat, it may be time to look into your daily or regular habits that might be accelerating the aging process in your body. Check out the following for ideas so that you can get started in evaluating your daily routines and see which of them may be causing you years on your face or body.

Not wearing sunglasses

Due to frequent sun exposure, some people, especially around their eyes, age faster than others do. For the most part, many of them fail at wearing sunglasses when going out. Did you know that the skin in and around your eyes are delicate and they need extra care from the UV rays of the sun? Before going out, put on a pair of eyeglasses and avoid squinting to prevent the development of crow’s feet. Also, don’t squint when staring at your computer.

Drinking too much sugar

Yes, sugar is in your favorite, colored drink. This bad habit is one of the reasons people age faster than they normally would had they not been fond of drinking sodas.   Additionally, not only sodas cause you aging but also tea and coffee, which do not only stain teeth, but they also age your smile due to tooth enamel erosion.


It is said to be one of the worst youth suckers because smoking causes poor blood circulation, not only on your face, but also on your body.   They cause constant lip-pursing movements that then lead to mouth wrinkles.

Long and hot showers

Did you know that this activity makes you age faster due to the skin drying that it gives? If you want to keep skin moisture, you should consider taking cold showers or lowering water temperature, as well as cutting down the time, it takes you to shower. Do not also let the water stream run directly on your face because the combination of warm temperature and water pressure can be harsh for the skin.

Wearing ponytails

There are women who constantly wear ponytails and little they know that such can lead to hair loss due to the traction that its brings to the hair follicles. It is a stressing hairstyle that also leads to a receding hairline later. You can avoid it by changing this bad habit. Instead of tight buns, you should try loose braids.

Looking down too often

It is a bad habit that leads to sagging jowls. If you always look down when using your phone, or doing the tech neck movement very often, you can have sagging jowls earlier in your life because it creates more impact from the gravity that your lower face receives. To avoid the sign of aging in sagging jowls, you should hold your phone at eye level and avoid looking down when using it.

There you have what to know regarding the bad habits that you need to avoid now to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging later. If you don’t want to age fast than you should, consider following the tips shared above and avoid these bad habits that you might be doing every day.

One Response to Bad Habits That Make You Age You Faster

  1. Evelyn Shipp says:

    Thanks for your skin and anti-aging hints. I am 85 years old and for some 40 years have been using a skin toner and moisturizer almost every other day.
    I don’t look 85– more like a 70 year old (I’m told often enough). I do suggest that skin toners help to remove dead skin cells from the epiderma of the face and neck, then the moisturizer helps refresh it.

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