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Absorb Biotics: Is It Better Than Other Probiotics?

There are tons of foods and supplements on the market that claim they’ll put probiotic bacteria in your body to boost your health. Fermented foods like kimchee, Greek yogurt, and kefir are all swimming with live and active cultures, tiny ready-made homes for probiotics.

Supplement companies also produce a staggering variety of supplement products full of probiotic bacteria in capsule and pill form that you can take orally.

But the question is, are your probiotics actually getting to your colon where they do the most work?

One product, Absorb Biotics, claims that they AREN’T.

Most bacteria that goes into your stomach, good or bad, get burned alive by your stomach acid. Only a small percentage of bacteria live through the acid bath to make it to their new homes in your large intestine, the bacteria condo of your digestive system.

The scientists behind Absorb Biotics claim that unless your probiotic has some way to get past stomach acid alive, you’re just swallowing wasted money.

How does ABSORB BIOTICS work where other probiotics fail?

Absorb Biotics contains a proven roster of scientifically backed strains known to have beneficial impact on digestive health, but how they get to your colon is the real show.

Absorb Biotics is protected by a patented capsule called a DR CAP, which resists stomach acid and doesn’t disintegrate and release it’s tiny passengers until they are past the stomach.

They claim that the acid-resistant capsule does not disintegrate until 45 minutes after it is swallowed, using an x-ray and dye test to see how the capsule and it’s contents are moving through the body. At 45 minutes in, when the capsule does release the probiotics, it is well inside the intestines and putting the bacteria safely where they need to go.

How Does ABSORB BIOTICS compare to competing probiotics?

We looked at the competition and found that Absorb Biotics rode the midline in the bell curve of probiotic products.

It is not as cheap as some probiotics, and not as expensive as others. When we looked at cheaper probiotics we saw that their volume and variety of bacteria was significantly lower, leaving us to conclude that it was a classic case of “Getting what you paid for.”

Furthermore, we contacted the ABSORB BIOTICS company, Cellular Research Institute, and spoke to a phone representative. They were happy to explain to us that the company offers attractive bulk deals and multiple bottle discounts with free shipping, and that the price per bottle is significantly discounted, the more the customer orders.

The product is also covered by an industry leading 90 day satisfaction guarantee, so if you find the product is not up to your expectations in 90 days, you may return it all for a refund. Each bottle contains enough probiotic capsules for 30 days, so this is a generous 3 month trial period.


If you have tried probiotics in the past and you didn’t notice any benefit, your stomach acid might be the reason why, and Absorb Biotics claims to have a scientifically proven solution.

If you are new to trying probiotics, this is a competitive and fairly priced product in the market, and a logical place to start.

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