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These Are Anti-Aging Natural Remedies That You Can Try Now

When you think about anti aging solutions, you might be considering the use of synthetic or commercial products just as others do. However, if you don’t choose them well, you might end up regretting because you don’t find them useful at all.

And then, you might not be suitable for those commercial anti-aging products if you’re also someone who loves natural remedies instead. So if you’re looking for natural anti-aging solutions, you may consider looking into the following that will help you slow down the signs of aging without the use of chemically infused commercial products on the market.

Simple Anti-Aging Remedies for You

  1. Transcendental meditation has become a mainstream in the United States when it comes to fighting aging. It is all over the place like schools, law firms, hospitals and other locations. One study conducted by the Orentreich Foundation for the Advancement of Science in Cold Spring-on-Hudson, New York suggests that people, who are meditating regularly, when compared to their non-meditating counterparts, are five to ten years younger. The study has proven evidence that indicates transcendental meditation helps to lower blood pressure and at the same time aids in reducing any risk of stroke and heart attack.
  2. The miracle of magnesium is quite popular these days. This form of mineral is vital to people’s heart, blood sugar levels, nervous system and other vital bodily processes. According to the experts, magnesium is an important nutrient to include in any longevity or health program, according to Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and author of a number of books that includes the Miracle of Magnesium. A person’s RDA or recommended daily allowance is around 300 to 400 mg women and men. Dean recommends that one person may need even a higher amount of it since this mineral because it is hard to absorb. When a person gets to boost their magnesium levels, he or she would notice of higher energy levels as compared if he or she does not supplement with it. Additionally, one would also feel that his or her bowel movements are so much better. That’s not all, magnesium is also said to be very helpful when it comes to improving libido levels.
  3. A person’s fountain of youth may also be found in the deep sea, according to Perricone. In case you don’t know yet, there are certain eating habits that cause subclinical inflammation that often leads to many types of problems affecting aging. In this case, it is more often than not recommended to consume fruits, cold-water fishes like salmon and vegetables to anyone’s diet. These foods may help in reducing inflammation at a cellular level.


In addition, anything you eat may cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar that in return causes a certain burst of inflammatory situation at a cellular level. In this case, Perricone also suggests that one should try the 3-day nutritional facelift, which means a certain diet that would help slow down the signs of aging.


For example, one can choose green salad and fish such as tuna or mackerel for lunch and dinner along with strawberries or blueberries for dessert.


The reason is that fatty fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids that greatly improve your skins feel and look, making it glowing and young looking. Additionally, fatty fish contains loads of antioxidants that can battle or neutralize free radicals that damage the cells, causing it to lose its normal structure and firmness.

These are the simple and natural remedies that would help you fight aging or maybe slow it down. With these, you don’t need any expensive diets or exhaustive workouts to fight aging. These simple changes (and additional) in your diet and lifestyle can help you make the big change when it comes to staying and looking young for a longer time.

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