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Does Estrovive Work Or Another Scam


Women have been using herbal remedies to relieve menopause symptoms for generations, and modern medicine uses hormone therapy to replace missing and diminished estrogen from the hormonal imbalance that occurs with the menopausal change.

However, with modern science looking into the validity of these ancient remedies to determine whether any of them have any scientific value, menopause relief can be a risky and exciting market for women trying to smooth out the transition to their post-reproductive life.

We reviewed Estrovive, an herbal remedy that promises to relieve major symptoms of menopause, especially reducing hot flashes and night sweats, and improving sleep.

What’s in Estrovive?

One of the things that is immediately likable about the product is that all the main ingredients are listed, and explained on the product’s website. Estrovive is full of a balance of numerous herbs and fruits that have long been known in holistic medicine to be women’s friends, relieving pain from issues like menopause, PMS, and aiding lactation in nursing mothers. These herbs are now being scrutinized by professional scientists to make sure they actually provide some benefit.

Herbs like Black Cohosh were introduced to the white settlers by Native Americans, and Wild Yam is full of a chemical that is used to make synthetic estrogen in labs, but when ingested in the human body, behaves like a ‘pretend’ estrogen, mimicking its effects, which can be beneficial to women struggling with hormonal imbalance from menopause.

We sent Estrovive to five volunteers and this is what we found.

We received a few bottles from the supplier and sent them out to five women who volunteered to be our guinea pigs for the product by email.

After their first week on Estrovive, most of our ladies didn’t feel any different. However this is expected with herbal remedies as the active ingredients take time to build up in the body and start making a change.

After the second week, four women noted they were experiencing minor relief from hot flashes and night sweats. This continued to improve with time.
In the Fourth week, all our women were experiencing noticeable and significant relief from their menopausal symptoms and three reported feeling like they had more energy and were sleeping better.

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