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Active Restore, What is it? And does it really Work to boost your health?

Aging is one thing that is inevitable for us all, what we can control is how our bodies transition with age by making sure our health is at its optimal. A big part of aging is on a cellular level and correlated to a number of conditions, ranging from bad digestion, blood pressure and in some cases even to cancer.

It is well know that nutrition and what you eat has a very direct and powerful impact on your health, it can either induce negative ailments, or help heal you and keep you healthy. Every cell in your body is made up of the raw materials you ingest so it is a good start to begin working on your health from your digestion.

There are many nutritional and supplement companies that claim to sell product that help your digestive system, and boost your over all health many have been found to be “snake oil” so what we at Web Health Wire like to do is take the newly growing health products and review them where it counts, directly by the ingredients and reference available research that has been carried out and published to back up the claims, or product purpose.

Active Restore developed by “Cellular Research Institute” is a recently fast growing product that seems to be catching on like wildfire, but what’s in it? Is it really that good (what do the customers say) ? And do the ingredients back up their claims?

What’s Active Restore made of?

The first thing we looked at is the ingredient compounds the product is made off.

Upon analysis of the product it is a combination of probiotic live cultures and colostrum. So what is colostrum? It is a substance that is produced by most mammals including humans, and is also known as known as a super supplement this is because Colostrum is packed with rare nutrients and growth starters like IGF-1 and IGS-2. These are ‘Insulin like growth factors” which are involved in almost every part of cellular growth, tissue regeneration, muscle development, and wound healing. It also contains immunoglobulin which is the primary protein involved in your immunity, and helps modulate response against viruses and pathogens to protect your body. Research regarding colostrum has been surrounding its boosting affects on:

GI track lining,
Prevention of bacterial infections,
Leaky Gut,
Muscle and bone development,
Cellular restoration.

Probiotics or Active-Biotics are also part of the product, these are known as “good” GI bacteria because they provide us with vitamins B and K which are hard to come by, and help rebalance your gut flora.

How does it work?

Cellular regeneration

When we first started testing the product, we came across an interesting fact, it offers regeneration on a cellular level. At this time it is clear that the ingredients work directly on two levels to improve your health.

  1. Colostrum through its growth factors and immunity components actively boosts:
    Cellular growth,
    Immunity, and
    GI track health and protection
  2. While the Probiotics act on improving, regulating and rebalancing the digestive gut flora to establish the perfect environment for digestion, food absorption and healthy systemic activity of the entire GI

More info can be found directly on their active restore about page.


We looked for the typical negative aspects included in supplements, such as fillers, GMO’s etc: we found that there are no antibiotics, GMO, or Pesticides in the product. Active restore is indeed based on completely natural ingredients, and does not include known major allergens or ingredients that negatively impact some individuals, which follows through with the purpose of their product.

In conclusion

While there are a lot of digestive and diet supplements out there, Active Restore stands up to their reputation and focuses on boosting over all health through a multi level approach not just targeting the digestion but the over all body system. We find no issues regarding the ingredients and there are ample research studies to back up each one of them for their claimed effects. And this makes sense considering that it is developed by an institute that studies human health on a cellular level. Over all we deem this to be an excellent product.

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