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Does Prostaleaf actually Work to relieve prostate, or another Scam?

Once prostate health is on your mind it seems like there’s too many companies offering you “the best” solution in the form of a supplement, so are they all “best” or some are just ‘good’ or just another prostate based pain-point scam? Prostaleaf is one of these companies, although there is an interesting difference, they don’t seem to boast about being the ‘best’, but others do about them, we decided to put them to a test and see what their ingredients and over all formula say about their success in helping you improve an enlarged prostate.

Prostate health isn’t something on your mind until you pass mid forties, and by the time you start taking care of it there are usually just two options taking prescribed meds or trying a natural herbal supplement. Because sleepless nights, and constant need to urinate multiple times a day just isn’t an option. Many men chose not to take the prescribed meds route due to potential side effects and want a healthier, more natural solution – herbal supplements.

The best way to understand if there is Any truth to a herbal supplements health boosting effects is to break the product down to its constituents and examine the ingredients used, evaluate the research that has been done and published on them, via sources like PubMed, Private Labs, and Universitry Research Centres. This is exactly what we did. Prostaleaf’s top ingredients are: Saw Palmetto, Plant Sterol, Plant Sterol (Beta-sitosterol), Pygeum Africanum, Selenium.

There are a few more herbal root and plant extracts but we had to stop here, because just ‘Saw Palmetto’ alone had 9 pages each with 10 research studies done on ‘saw palmetto’ and its use in prostate and general health improvements.

Here’s what came up for the rest of the Main Herbs:

– Saw Palmetto (80+ Research Studies)
– Plant Sterol (Beta-sitosterol) (18+ Research Studies)
– Pygeum Africanum (32+ Research Studies)
– Selenium (21+ Research Studies)

For example research indicates ‘Saw Palmetto’ has been found to decrease BPH symptoms, increase urine flow and relieve urination pain. While ‘Plant Sterols’ have shown the potential to reduce prostate inflammation and size, while improving other symptoms like the frequent need to urinate, and helping you completely void your bladder. The ‘Pygenum Africanum’ an African plant extract has been also shown to reduce the inflammation and the size of the prostate.

So far so Good, based published research Prostaleaf seems to be using some really good herbal ingredients. But what about the Vitamin based ingredients?

Prostaleaf also contains many Vitamins including:

– Zinc Picolinate (38+ Research Studies)
– Vitamin E (89+ Research Studies)
– Vitamin B6 (42+ Research Studies)

After further research these vitamins have also been found to boost prostate health, urinary health, and blood circulation, in addition to over all joint mobility improvement, boost in brain function, energy, and boost in immunity.

So far the ingredients check out, and after further comparative research on other prostate health supplements it looks like many of the other supplements also use ‘Plant Sterols’, ‘Pygenum Africanum’ and specifically ‘Saw Palmetto’. However, none of the products we saw had the same amount of plant extracts in their formula although some did come close, but most importantly neither of the examined supplements had all three of these ingredients included in one combined formula!

Based on available, clinical and published researched backing up each of the ingredients used in Prostaleaf, we conclude that it is a great product with much scientific proof behind it in helping you improve an enlarged prostate. It might not be the cheapest prostate supplement on the market but it’s a strong formula that could be worth the money if your prostate is causing you discomfort.

We Give Prostaleaf 5/5 Stars.

4 Responses to Does Prostaleaf actually Work to relieve prostate, or another Scam?

  1. Chuck says:

    I also find it good, but don’t miss a dose and be sure to stay away from stimulants such as tea.

  2. Dom says:

    I have been using Prostaleaf for over a year and it has worked for me. I will continue to use Prostaleaf, especially after the findings that flomax is linked to cancer.

  3. isaac says:

    I started using Prostaleaf about a month and it is the best investment I made in several years. Prior to trying it, I had used a myriad of products with no solution. Some of the products were giving me heart, and breathing problems so I sopped altogether and was visiting the wash room a minimum of 20 times in the day and countless times per night. I am happy I went in for Prostaleaf. I was so desperate so I prayed one day and told GOD to lead me to the right product. The first product that came up when I made an internet search was Prostaleaf. My life has changed. It works like magic and I would recommend it for anyone who really needs help. You won’t regret trying it. You have nothing to loose if you tried it. It works for me and I think it would work for you too.

  4. Henry says:

    Was looking just for this kind of information, so many products out there, I’ve been dealing with prostate issues for at least the past 5 years and have been doing a lot of research since my BPH diagnosis 7 years ago… Since that time it seems like every year there are 4-5 new products for prostate relief popping up, I just don’t want to waste my money trying them all. Prostaleaf seems to have a lot of research put behind it but never know until I try, many that I have tried simply did nothing, so this info put me over the top, just ordered 2 bottles to give this a try, will come back and share my experience in two months.

    Has anyone else tried prostaleaf for bph? has it helped? thanks.

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