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User Reviews Claim ASOX9 works, But Is it Safe?

Since ASoX9 received an award from Consumster.com in 2014 there has been a lot of hype around it, and apparently right before the New Year, it ended up going on back order.

On one hand that may be an indication that this is a great product since everyone seems to be getting in line… Well that’s all Asox9 male enhancement reviewgood for Christopher Gordon the developer of ASoX9 but should you Really take it?

If you care only about the product results, then go ahead and grab it since most of the reviews seem to indicate it works, better yet get the real stuff – the V pill and skip the nonsense – but you’re probably reading this because you want to keep riding the pony for a few decades rather then keel over after a few drinks and a hard blue ride. You’re interested in a Natural, Healthy approach to staying in the rodeo!

In that case is ASoX9 really that healthy? If the reviews show users getting are able to on have harder erections that last, and increase overall blood flow to their “member” – did Christopher strike a MoJo Mine or is there something more to it that you should know before you grab a bottle?

We decided to take some time and read between the lines of ASoX9, and here’s what we found:

Many of the ingredient’s aren’t something too out of the ordinary, but there were a few interesting aspects. Like Many other Natural enhancing supplements there was Tongkat Ali, Maca, L-Arginine, Ginseng And Oyster Extract.

What stood out from other formulas is the amount of Tongkat Ali a whooping 400mg, this is about 350%-400% more than the other researched brands. This extract is special because it is a well known male performance booster that has been recently researched by MIT for its use in treating male sexual dysfunction, but even at 400mg this is a natural and quite safe extract to ingest. However, amongst other extracts listed in much smaller quantities we came across Orchic Substance, now it doesn’t sound like a big deal but according to WebMD this is actually “made from cattle testicles” and aside from sounding disgusting it is actually used by men “to maintain healthy testicular function”[WebMD].

The last ingredient that’s notable and isn’t found in many other formulas is Zinc, which is known to be in high concentration in Oysters and research shows it helps boost testosterone and sperm quality.

User reviews may throw you off thinking that if it indeed gets you results there must be a health catch, and there is a down side; you need to take it anywhere between three days to two weeks before you get to the results.

The Overall Scoop:

Looks like the ingredients in ASoX9 are all natural and current research supports the formula quality, indicating it is indeed a safe supplement that helps most men get harder, longer lasting erections without any known side effects or health hazards. This still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to your health professional about taking it. We give it our Quality and Safety approval.


You can find more info directly on their
site at ASoX9.com

71 Responses to User Reviews Claim ASOX9 works, But Is it Safe?

  1. Charles says:

    I started taking ASOX9 one week ago and so far I’m very impressed. (So is my wife). I was having trouble staying hard. Not last night I not only stayed hard I was able to last for over an hour + some. I’m going to give this a chance for a month or 2. To see if ASOX9 holds up to what they claim.

  2. James says:

    I’m 54 and only been taking this product for a few weeks but from what I can tall better than any other I’ve tried , immediate response to my wife’s touch , spontaneity is back, better confidence, good natural ingredients taking them every day hoping to keep it UP!!

  3. Robert says:

    It really works, I honesty feel like I have a new penis, it is thicker when flaccid. I get erect through out the day, also wake up with morning wood.

  4. Milt says:

    Tried ASOX9 and after 4 days the firmness returned. Not quite like when I was in my 20’s but at least, there was firmness where there had not been for weeks, even close to a few years in fact.
    The jury is still out for me, but will try it another 2-3 weeks to see what happens. Thus far, I am semi pleased but not completely. Will keep you posted…….

  5. Rich says:

    This is a great product. All natural ingredients and no side effects. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. I am 67 years old and have no problem getting an erection any time using this product. It took about two weeks to kick in but it works great.

  6. Jim says:

    I take 2 ASOX9 every morning. Along with Cialis when my lady and I have wonderful loving. I am 93 so you see my partner is really satisfied.

  7. Benjamin says:

    I have been using asox9 for about one year and it has saved my manhood for sure! Before using I was losing erections and sometimes not even able to get up! I recommend for sure and will continue to use! My wife is so much happier now! Thanks chris

  8. Denny says:

    asox9 is the real deal I used levitra and didnt like the fact you had to plan when to have sex with this you can do it on the spure of the moment it is awesome it also gives me extra energy throughout the day. I also told a couple friends about it they ordered a three month supply and I just ordered another 6 month supply it really works I noticed a difference within 4 days. The other good thing it is all natural nothing to get side effects from. I will keep using it.

  9. Joe says:

    I am a 77 years mam I am having the best sex I ever had. Better then in my 20th.
    I girlfriend is very happy.
    I recommend this ASOX9 product.

  10. Skip says:

    I have been using asox9 for about 3 months now and it does work quite well. I have tried many other natural ED supplements but asox9 is far superior to the other brands. I started noticing much harder and sustainable erections in the second week and now it is my new normal to have “morning wood” every day and more than acceptable erections. My wife has noticed and commented on the difference it has made. I recommend it highly.

  11. wali abdullah says:

    Two words; IT WORKS!

  12. Hassan says:

    Wow! The product is amazing. It worked for me within 2 hours of taking the supplement. What I love most about this product is all natural. I was very skeptic until I tried it. It will improve your life style believe me.

  13. Dennis says:

    I am 60 and it’s been two months even though I started to see results in the first 30 days. Oh baby is what my wife is saying. She is one happy woman

  14. Chandra says:

    I am using for 10 days but results is not as well as I thought but try for next 3 weeks and then I will let you know what.

  15. Don says:

    I am 61 and have used it for over a year. I stopped using it a few times and I saw a noticeable difference. This product works for me. Now please develop a similar product for my wife!

  16. Earl Davis says:

    Received ASOX9 a few weeks ago I feel harder and firmer. Would recommend this product to any man have the ED problem

  17. Eric Reed says:

    Heyy im Eric and i bought this last month. I feel the process workin and basically u feel like u have a new penis

  18. Listen….I was one of the biggest skeptics out here.I had ED and was not ashamed to admit it.I love women and this was a definite problem.Hitting Viagra was frightening because of the horrific side effects.Going natural was the only way to go.I ordered it…try it….and never looked back.By the second week i was up an running.My morning erections returned and my staying power as well.My current lover is raving about it and we all know what that means. Thank you Dr.Gordon…Thank you!!

  19. David santos says:

    I’m 54 using it for 2weeks noticed big difference on erection even on the first 3days

  20. stanvan says:

    After some detailed online research, asox9 seamed to meet the criteria.

    I am 66 years , had some 7 years ago major heart surgery and have reasonably high BP , so chemical additions to reinstate my morning sunrise” were not in the frame . I found after starting that after 2 days the sun rose” like it has not done for years …and i have since not taken the tablet continously…rather find that every second day and even 12 hours before sex makes all the difference…bottom line seems to work for me – Happy wife = happy life

  21. john says:

    After about two weeks there appears to be a noticeable change in my libido. So I am extremely pleased with that result…

  22. Phillip says:

    Definitely noticed harder longer lasting erections, great product

  23. Lee says:

    Great Product!!!
    I’ve researched different products over the years and ASOX9 blows them all away. When baby is happy…everyone’s happy. Good job Christoper!!!

  24. Lee says:

    I had prostrate seed implant several years ago and couldn’t get erections . I tried viagra and cialis and only could get a very slite errection . Sence I’ve been using ASOX9 for a while now my wife and I noticed my errections are getting better .

  25. Chris says:

    I am 49 years old and had noticed I just was not as hard and stiff as I once was, and sex drive was just not where I wanted it either. I just happen to see Asox9 on the internet and was pleased at how it was presented and had a great money back guarantee. I ordered my first two bottles and within about three weeks I was completely blown away and amazed at he results. My sex drive is at an all time high, I feel great,more energy, and most of stand at attention rock hard erections! I wake up through the night with my wood standing straight up. I have already ordered a six month supply as I sure did not want to run out.I have had zero side effects but plenty of positive effects! I highly recommend this product to any man who needs a boost in his libido and performance of his male member. I can not praise it enough!!

  26. Craigger says:

    I purchased this about 3 months ago and take daily. I first thought this is just a rouge and a waste of my money. How wrong I was and even my wife has said that I am much larger. This product does work and I am a believer of it!!!

  27. Ron says:

    I have been using the ASOX9 supplement for over two months and I am happy with the results.
    I can now maintain an erection and function back to normal in bed. By taking this amazing supplement I avoid the potential side effects attributed to prescription drugs while experiencing good results. My wife is amazed at my improved performance as well. It really works as well as advertised.

  28. Randall says:

    Two weeks into first bottle. Would love to say it’s great but the jury is still out. I believe I am seeing an improvement but not ready to give it the full credit that I hope I will be able to soon. It is getting a good review from others so by all means give it a try. A little improvement is better than none at all.

  29. C. Thompson says:

    I am a 56 & I wake up every morning with a sift one & my girlfriend is very pleased.

  30. Tim says:

    I am 63 and have had some difficulty maintaining an erection. I’ve been taking ASOX9 for a week now and have noticed an increase in my desire for sex. I have also noticed my penis is more like was a few years back, before life got in the way. The wife doesn’t know yet that I have tried ASOX9 she just enjoys the results. When I order more I will tell her about it. I just don’t want her to think that I don’t find her attractive anymore and need to take this to make love to her, ya know?

  31. HRC says:

    Im 57 years Old and I think this product give me back my energy in all aspect in my life. I do recommended.

  32. Gilbert Coleman says:

    I received my Asox9 about two weeks ago and I am experiencing harder and longer erections. Greatest money I ever spent!!

  33. Louis says:

    I’m 74 and have tried several male enhancement supplements for 90 days with no results. I just started my third week using ASOX9 and have notice increase Libido and sex drive but no change in the hardness of erections. I will continue ASOX9 for 30 days before reordering.

  34. Ken says:

    I’ve been using asox9 for around 3 weeks. Best, most effective product of its kind that I have ever tried. Will be reordering a new supply soon.

  35. Bill says:

    Did a lot of research before buying. Good reviews from several polling firms and supplement gurus. Found they were correct. It is not an overnight pill, but after a couple weeks there was a tremendous difference. Drive, satisfaction (both for me and my wife), hardness, and staying power are all greatly improved. No side effects. Love this product!

  36. Gary says:

    I’ve always been concerned about my “size” but with Asox9 that is not an issue. I haven’t noticed that it affects my length, but the girth and sustained erection are noticeable and my girlfriend really has appreciated the stamina I know have

  37. Sam Arreola says:

    I just received my supply of ASOX9 and I have taken it as directed and I have seem some results. I cannot wait to see what result I have after taking this supplement for a month or more.

  38. Femi says:

    I started noticing the difference at about 2weeks of using asox9. I observed fuller and harder erection. I have just made my second purchase of 2 bottles of asox9 because of the result I observed. The product is very good.

  39. Ken says:

    I’m 69 years old, sense I started taking ASOX9 I am getting much better morning wood.Glad to have found a product that works.

  40. Chip Derr says:

    Great product! Works as advertised! Now it’s part of my daily regimen. Keep the value and special offers coming.

  41. Rich says:

    It seems to be waking the member that fell asleep on the job , ive taken it for a couple weeks now and feel much more response

  42. Joey Self says:

    I have been taking this for 5 months and I have noticed and my girlfriend has noticed that I last longer and I stay harder I ran out and quit taking for a month the difference was night and day I reordered and I’m taking it again everything is coming back and yes I have lost weight and I have more energy and confidence then I have ever had

  43. Butch says:

    I am 67 years old and have had ED problems for the past 2 years. I talked to my doctor about this and he told me I was not a candidate for the two medicines made for this problem. I got ASox9 to see if it would help. The first two weeks, nothing, but in the third week it was like someone opened the floodgates. My wife, of nearly 50 years, are having sex 2 and sometimes 3 times a week. I could not be happier with this product. Thank you Chris.

  44. Anthony says:

    I’m a “new” customer, having purchased my first two (2) bottles about a month ago. And, I’m a “new” man, as well. Besides the “expected” effects/affects, my confidence level has hit the roof. I too was skeptical, as most consumers are/would be, but it seems that this product is worth the purchase.

  45. Don says:

    Simply put, the stuff works. For me (after two weeks use) it works best in combination with one of the prescription ED products, non of which produced a full erection for me. But now that, at the age of 77, I’ve added ASOX9 I become as hard as I did when I was 20. I’ll be ordering more. So glad I tumbled onto the ad.

  46. virgil m. says:

    I also was looking for a good male enhancements, so when I researched and found Asox9,I was sold and bought a bottle. I’m 61 years old and now on my second bottle and just last night,since I don’t know when,while making love with my wife, I came twice and she couldn’t believe it and still was rock hard,believe me I’ll be buying another bottle.

  47. Dan says:

    I am 58 active male. After using this product about a week, I noticed a measurable increase in sex drive. It works!

  48. Bill says:

    All I want to say is that my wife LOVES the result and I feel young again in the morning. Also, I lift weights 3 days/wk and aerobics 3 days/wk.

    It is not a magic pill. The result is the combination of daily excise, healthy lifestyle, and intake of ASOX9.

  49. Robert says:

    This product is worth the try. I have been using for approximately 6 weeks and with each week I feel a difference, not only is longevity but in non-erection size seems lie in relaxed mode it is heaver and larger than I have experienced and I can almost feel the weight of it. very please, erects very fast and stays. I give this 5 stars.

  50. Barry says:

    Asox9 is the real deal.Been using it for about 8 months now. I’m in my late 50’s and feel like the hands of time have been turned back at least 5 years. Just had my annual physical and all is well.The best part is the results continue to get better with prolonged use. Guys get some of this stuff!

  51. Dave says:

    Ordered 2 bottles to test. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks. It really seem to help after using it just 3 days. My girlfriend will be in town this week and I’ll “test” it again.

  52. Ken Hart says:

    I’m 73 years old and have been loosing hardness for a while now and I have been trying to find something, that got me back up again.
    Well, I think that I have found what i need. I have been taking ASOX9 for about two weeks now and I’m excited about the results, so far.
    My Drive is improving, as well as my hardness and I’m hoping that both continues to improve.

  53. Hector says:

    I have been using it for three weeks now and have enjoyed the surprising affects it works that’s for sure

  54. Sonny Sell says:

    Im a 47 year old Water Scientist from Las Vegas, NV.
    Fortunately, I wasn’t suffering with ED or Low T like some men my age.
    Maybe just wasn’t quite as interested, and confident as before.
    I attempted numerous products (with no success) to support sex-drive.
    Perplexingly, they seemed to have the opposite of the desired effect.
    Christopher Gordon’s ASOX9 contains the true necessary formula.
    Example: my testicles rumble, remain ready, & firm with substance.
    My erections throb and are lengthy & extra stout compared to before.
    Us men are thankful for this product.
    We’re all adults here (sex is one of the best things about life).
    Thanks for the authentic real-deal Christopher Gordon.
    Customer for life.
    Sonny Sell

  55. Vince says:

    I tried a lot of other products once I found this one the sex life was back on its great to find something that works and is all natural. Chris n his team did a awesome job

  56. Sean says:

    I was the biggest skeptic. I always used other supplements and would always find no result. I am no a believer in any of these herbal supplements or anything of the sort. I literally could not get hard at all prior to use. I took it for about 2 weeks to find the benefits. It is something that works. Not longer, but I am very much more full and my orgasms are far superior. I stay hard after my orgasm longer and it is something I never thought would happen. This stuff works.

  57. Shane says:

    Really great working well just in a week .lasting triple the time ..

  58. Brett West says:

    Yes it works been on therapy from a urologist and the coal is kills my back. So this is the stuff that works. I’m 53 with two serious neck injuries This product makes my 48 year old girl friend quite happy

  59. Anil N says:

    I an 52 years old and I received my ASOX9 about 2 weeks back. I started taking it as per the label instructions. In one week, I noticed higher sex drive, more harder, longer lasting and frequent erections (ready any time). My member feels fuller and thicker. GREAT RESULTS.

  60. William Virella says:

    I Did some research on a lot of supplements and to be honest asox9 worked great in every area of my sex life.My wife told me that something changed but as of now i have not told her that i was taking asox9. I recommend it highly. The product is great and your wife or girlfriend would say the same. BUY IT.

  61. Dan miller says:

    I took it for 3 weeks before I saw results. I now wake up several times a night with erections. Sex with my wife is very satisfying. I am happy with this product

  62. Ellery says:

    I’m 57 and was losing my erection in the middle of sex. I’ve been using ASox9 for about a year now and so happy with results. Harder without losing the erection. I’m having no side affects at all. My wife of 28 years and I are very pleased with the product.

  63. Very Happy Woman says:

    I’m the receiving end of this product, and YES! IT WORKS Verrrrrry well! His drive is up and his member stays up!! Our sex life was great before, but now it is FANTASTIC!! THANK YOU!!

  64. Tommy says:

    Ive been using it for a couple of weeks now and what I find more important than what Ive noticed is that my wife has noticed and commented that I am now both harder and last longer during sex.

    Great product that I WILL order again

  65. Eric Plat says:

    I am 68 and have been taking this for 3 weeks. Really started to kick-in in the second week of use. My wife and I noticed a big difference. I am also noticing a big increase in sex drive. Hopefully the effects continues with no side effects. Will keep all you posted.

  66. Bob Bresette says:

    I did order and received 6 bottles…how many days a week do I take the pill and mornings or evenings…

  67. Gary says:

    The biggest difference I noticed was when my wife said “I’m not used to this” with a smile. My results after several months of use after a few days were not nearly as dramatic as after about 1-2 weeks of use. My wife noticed a difference, and so did I, the increase in hardness is the most prominent, but I also want to have sex more often than before..

  68. Thomas says:

    Gave it a try about three weeks in now and noticed the first results about a week in, got a bit harder and was able to last some what longer, second week in really noticed i got much harder. was kind of skeptical because i’m 61 but seems to work, good stuf

  69. James says:

    Thats actually how I came across asox9, I ran into consumster.com when looking for male enhancement and it showed they give out an award rated for top product of 2014, so I got 3 bottles. Just finished the first bottle and noticed my erection harder about a week in, was able to last a bit longer as well, but on the second week I was able to last much longer.

  70. Frank says:

    I guess I got lucky to get a bottle last month before it went on back order, we did our yearly vacation to Mexico for a week and I received the asox9 bottle a few days before we left, started to work for me mid way on the vacation, about a week in. I’m 64 and noticing the harder erection really made the New Year great, this time we didn’t spend nearly as much time at the beach as last year!

  71. Andrew says:

    Just ordered 3 bottles as well, saw magazine article about how asox9 was created sounded very interesting, did some research as well and looked like most users had good things to say, looking forward to trying it my self.

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