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What Is The Best Medical Gear For Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse?

In the world we live in today, the human race is likely to believe most self-claimed “legends”. If you are reading this in the 21st century, you are probably aware of the fictional (yes, fictional) creatures known as zombies. But if you are the type of person who lives under a rock, allow me to explain a bit about them.

Zombie fanatics are probably cursing at me now. Zombies today are believed to be human beings, both living or dead, who have been infected with some weird virus that cause their skin to turn pale, eyeballs become glassy, lose their ability to speak and walk normally, etcetera etcetera. Whatever you believe in now, zombies will attack you to munch on your flesh and drink your blood. Once and if, that happens, you will transform into one of them.

Triumphing in a Zombie-Infested World: What You Will Be Needing

Enough history and anatomy about zombies! I like who I am, and the prospect of chasing my friends and eating my girlfriend seems rather depressing. Bear with me, reader, for I have decided to (since you love living under that rock) construct a list of items that may help you survive the ‘inevitable’ zombie apocalypse:

  • first-aid-kitsFirst Aid Kit (About $15 – $30): A common household item, it can also be found in the trunk of your car, if you have one. The basic first aid kit has items that help with cuts and bruises, and disinfect them. I suppose this will come in handy since you will be running from the zombies rather than going Rambo on them. You will get Band-Aids, Aspirins, gauze, surgical tapes, soap, gloves and the like to help you successfully clean out and protect a wound of medium intensity. Also, you will receive a sterilizing ointment, necessary for cleaning whatever objects you need to use on yourself (don’t be alarmed, read on). Be warned, the medical kit may not help you if you have been bitten by a zombie.
  • Multivitamins ($15-$20): These will help you most when you are out of food and have absolutely no other means of getting ration without getting yourself killed. Multivitamins have a fair composition of necessary vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6, folic acid (B9), potassium, selenium, borate, manganese… you get the idea.
  • ADHD Drugs: ADHD drugs may come useful when you are having problems staying alert. Say you doze off at a crucial hour, or you lose attention and cause a loud noise, alarming all the zombies, will certainly lead to your demise. ADHD drugs will keep you attentive and stay adamant in your survival thoughts.
  • lifesaver-bottleLIFESAVER bottle ($150): Whether you are stuck in the basement of a house, or on the run in the sanctuary of isolated mountains, you will need water to survive. And clean, healthy water will not always be available. Yes, I have heard that running, mountain water is the purest form of water, but what if you are at a plateau and there is no running stream to be found? The LIFESAVER® bottle is the world’s first auto-filtering and bacteria removal portable water container. The mechanism is simple. You fill the bottle with water, be it drain or sea, and wait for the water to purify inside. And voila, you now have drinkable water.
  • Hacksaw: Now this has to be the most intriguing item on this list. See, not only does it allow to hack your way through a huddle of zombies, it also assists in chopping a limb off (assuming you have been bitten by a zombie). Therefore, if you have the dire wish to land yourself in a zombie apocalypse, only to get the kick out of gracefully killing these flesh-loving sucker, a hacksaw will definitely be your best friend. Needless to say, you better sterilize it with your first aid kit, before using it for medical purposes; you do not want the nasty zombie remains to stay.

In Conclusion

Have these medical supplies with you, and your survival chances will increase. We won’t promise you anything though. Now we saw a meme on the internet, and this is our personal favorite: purchase treadmills and install them in front of windows and doors around the exteriors of your safehouse.That beats all gear, medical or not!

Comment below and let us know what you think.

Check out this guys pack! (Some ideas!)


2 Responses to What Is The Best Medical Gear For Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse?

  1. Serge says:

    this is good and all, but only bare essentials, you can’t fight a zombie off with a water bottle…

    Although this is the kind of stuff I pack for my hikes up at big bear in cali, we usually go for 3-5 days and the water-bottle filter beats carrying the water jugs around.

  2. Peter says:

    I would def have the first aid kit and the water bottle.

    And I like the guys gear below, especially the ropes but he is missing a lighter, and other ways to start fire.

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