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Increasing Immune Health: The Significance of Exercise

Wouldn’t it feel good if you knew staying in shape can help you to remain healthy? We all want a healthy life, but very few of us are willing to do what it takes to achieve this. The key to a good health is a good immunity system and there are many ways to gain it. Taking immunity-increasing supplements or eating a healthy and balanced diet are a good uproach. However, sometimes they are not enough to maintain a strong immunity system. You need something more sustaining.

Exercising can be that lasting solution. Sure, it is time and patience consuming, but it can give satisfying results and will bost the effects of suplements. However, it is not just for keeping you in good shape, it can be vital for boosting your immunity too.

The Role Of A Strong Immune System

Your body is capable to fight off various diseases.

For example, when a foreign object invades your body, your body creates antibodies of those specific foreign bacteria or virus. When the same antigen enters the bloodstream, the body recognizes it and fights it off. This defense mechanism keeps your body safe against diseases. It is an effective mechanism, chosen by our immune system.

Unfortunately, this system can become weak sometimes. You can do many things to keep it strong, exercising being one of those options.

Exercising For Your Life

If you speak to any exercise enthusiast, you may come up with countless forms of exercise. However, you need not go to the extent of performing tough workout sessions. Instead, you may take your pick from the following exercise plans:

  • Jogging or running- This not only keeps you in shape, but also boosts your immunity too. Jogging or running increases the blood flow in your body. The heart pumps out more blood every second, and it reaches out every organ of the body. The antibodies and white blood cells can reach out the organs at a quicker rate. Hence, the bacteria or germs die quickly.
  • Squats, Crunches and Jumping Jacks- Albeit a little tough, these get easier to perform, with time. Along with toning your body, they burn calories quickly and effectively.
  • Cycling- For those of you who love the nature, cycling is a great option, helping you drop a few pounds in no time.
  • Dancing- Even though a few may be surprised by this, dancing could very well be considered a form of exercise. In fact, there are several fitness trainers who make use of this method.

The Benefits Of Walking Miles

There is no reason to sing the hymn of the praises of walking. We all know that walking few extra miles every day can keep many diseases away. It is one of the best medicines for diabetes. But, walking at least two or three days, bringing dramatic results to your Immune system.

Walking increases blood flow to your lungs and it washes out disease causing organisms. So, the chances of developing cold and the flu get lowered.

The Plus Points Of A Good Exercise Session

Any sort of exercising that brings out sweat is good for increasing immunity. The sweat removes impurities from the body. So, the recurrence of infectious diseases stays away. Also working out raises the body temperature. Therefore, many germs of opportunistic diseases get killed without any further effort. Furthermore, cycling three to four days or crunching two to three times in a week can be more helpful than you have ever imagined it to be.

Bottom Line

Using exercise to increase immunity gives dynamic results. It keeps you away from diseases like obesity, cardiac problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. At the same, it reboots and recharges your immunity. Being lazy feels good, but the end would not feel so. Exercise can keep you from living in a hospital, ensuring that you are disease -free. Moreover, you could easily live your life however you want, eating whatever you want. As a result, you need not spend a fortune on expensive medical bills, enjoying a hassle free life.

Instead of considering exercise as simply working out, you may think of it as an insurance without any financial fees. So, kick off your laziness, dust off your treadmill. You have a healthy life waiting for you!


One Response to Increasing Immune Health: The Significance of Exercise

  1. Lauren says:

    interesting point, when i was in my early 40’s I jogged 2-3 days a week with my hubby and felt great, then due to an injury i stopped working out an never picked it back up until this year, I’m 52 now and rapidly noticed an increase in energy, and gust feeling better, much stronger so I can see how it can improve immunity as well. I’ve taken some immune boosters but really noticed a difference after is tarted jogging again. I think we all need to increase exercise moderately as we age, not just to stay fit but keep healthy too.

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