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Vitality Colostrum Review, how does it compare?

During recent years, several colostrum products have become leaders on the market. Along with it, there comes a large amount of misinformation regarding these colostrum supplements. This paves the way for research on these products in order to identify the elements that are vital in the selection of a best colostrum supplement.

You will find that there are numerous low-priced, ineffective and inferior-quality colostrum easily found in-stores and also online. Many people may reach out to buying them due to cheap prices and false claims. As an informed customer, it is essential to understand what good quality colostrum is, and what factors to reflect upon. You will be able to derive the benefits from a colostrum product only if they possess the essential elements of a qualitative colostrum supplement.

Where does Vitality Colostrum stand in our Comparison?

Vitality Colostrum ranks high in comparison to other top brand industry products. This product is made in USA in a FDA registered facility complying strict cGMP guidelines. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and is available in the form of enterically coated capsules.


Pros of Vitality Colostrum:

  • Quality Processing -Vitality Colostrum Processed is processed at low temperatures such that there is no damage caused to the growth factors and antibodies due to the heat.
  • Comes from the Cows in USA (certified grass fed, antibiotic free, and free from added hormones.) Vitality Colostrum is from cows in the United States that have all natural grass-fed diet. These cows are also devoid of any added hormones, pesticides or antibiotics. To add to it, the colostrum is gathered right on the first day of calving.
  • High in Immunoglobulin – Immunoglobulin is a protein that detects and defuses detrimental bacteria and viruses. Vitality colostrum has a higher percentage of Immunoglobulin than the rest of the products on the market at 30% or more.
  • Come in Enterically Coated Capsules. Vitality colostrum is enterically coated. Enterically coated capsules allow the growth factors and antibodies of colostrum to be preserved and not destroyed by the acids in the stomach until they reach the small intestine for absorption.

Cons of Vitality Colostrum:

  • Available Mostly Online -Vitality Colostrum available online and is limited to stores in California, Nevada and Arizona.
  • Sometimes Goes On Back Order – Vitality Colostrum has been found to be sold out on their websites at times.

BOTTOM LINE: Colostrum from pasture-fed cows processed in low heat and free from hormones, antibiotics and pesticides are best for humans. Vitality Colostrum meets the essential guidelines of high-quality colostrum and therefore, it will be an ideal supplement due to its high potency. It is wise to invest in a product such as Vitality Colostrum for better health benefits.

If you’re interested in learning more on this product you can visit the official website here Vitality Colostrum

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5 Responses to Vitality Colostrum Review, how does it compare?

  1. Edna says:

    yes colostrum does vary widely, I’ve been taking it for about 2 years since I had a candida infection and took antibiotics for two weeks, my digestion became very screwed up, a doctor suggested I tried colostrum, and I did. It helped almost immediately, I mean within days my stomach felt better.

    since then I’ve been taking it, and actually started with vitality colostrum, then they were on back order and I thought I would try some another brand, really didn’t think it mattered (I wont mention them here, I don’t believe in spreading negativity) so after I tried the new colostrum my stomach would feel off, after about a week of this I researched on line and as it turns out colostrum vary in quality widely, and the other brand had 18% immunoglobulin, which turns out is the active ingredient and most important for my digestion issue. Once I read this i looked back at vitality and saw they have 30% and I couldn’t find anything with more, so sticking to these guys.

  2. Jeany says:

    Hi Anne, – give it a try, I started using vitality colostrum to elevate my duodenal inflammation and continue to use it for the 4th moth, i started to feel the effects in the 2 to 3d week of taking it, and feel soo much better now. I just feel better in general and take it every morning after i wake up.

  3. Roland says:

    yeah this supplement is good. I occasionally take it to settle my stomach as well, they suggest to take daily, i don’t. Just before and after spicy or oily food and it still helps me feel better.

  4. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment Anne, and yes colostrum quality, like many supplements does in fact vary from brand to brand, and relates to many aspects such as where it originated from, how it was processed, how it is stored and how you take it.

    We found Vitality colostrum to be one of the top brands based on information provided by them, as well as user reviews.

    We’ed be glad to hear your feedback after you try it.


  5. Anne L. says:

    Thats interesting, my stomach has been more and more upset over the years so I tried a regular generic brand of colostrum for my GI a few months back, saw some marginal improvements but nothing significant enough… maybe the quality just wasn’t that good… I’m going to give Vitality colostrum a try, looks promising based on their reviews, and your article really helps understand that there is a difference in these supplements so keeping hopes hight!

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